Ann Hunter - FdA MBACP

Passionate about normalising and humanising mental ill health and creating an environment which is accepting and non-judgemental.

I am an experienced humanistic counsellor with a person-centred approach.  I am passionate about the transformative power of counselling and providing the right conditions to enable others fulfil their potential.  I provide counselling on a one to one basis both face to face and online.

My career, before I began my counselling journey, was in the construction industry managing site teams.  After experiencing my own mental health issues and seeking counselling, I completed a degree in Person Centred Counselling at the University of Sunderland.

Whilst working in the corporate sector, I realised that mental wellbeing was an area that was hugely overlooked.  I decided to combine my corporate and mental health knowledge and now offer Mental Health Training courses to organisations in the North East.  I am a qualified MHFA England Instructor Member. 


I am passionate about reducing stigma and creating opportunities to improve mental wellbeing both in the workplace and in the community.

BACP Badge Registered Number 375010
MHFA Instructor Member Badge
Online Counselling Badge